October 2, 2009
Good Riddance
To the perpetrator claim victim
The bully who cried fowl at the defender who schooled 'em.

Good Riddance
To this sacrificial religion, control-dominion,
Whose shame and guilt divides the human,
Twists the thinking, in this master-slave relation,
Hierarchal ordering, stealer of nation,
You plunder creation, rape the virgin
With your fraud illusion.

Good Riddance
To this old way of relating and living,
Addiction to materialism, insatiable narcissism,
The creator of the double-bind,
Where you can't win for losing
And eternal hell awaits a single misstep you can't help but take
Good riddance to this idol fake.
And the distrust its secrets make.

In this pagan paean
I reclaim my good old religion of hugging trees and kissing dirt,
Worshipping my starry ancestors and loving Mother Earth!
Dig what I'm sayin'...

In this pagan paean,
I reclaim my old religion, release Christ suffering,
Sit with ancient shamans smoking herbs,
Eating cactus and fungus, healing this post-traumatic stress,
Suffered by the collective consciousness in this thousands of years war!
Dig what I'm sayin'...

In this pagan paean,
The valiums and ritalins and mind-numbing narcotics fed by white-coats are band-aids at best, but do nothing to cure this delusional disease of division, abject objectivism, separatism, elitism...
In other words, I see what you're sellin' and I ain't buyin', I'm placing my bets on nature's medicine cabinet before your laboratory concoctions...
Dig what I'm sayin'...  

In this pagan paean,
Holy guru hypocrite on high,
With your mind manipulations and lies,
Get down from your thrown, take that log from your eye.
Be a sport, play fair game, get back to basics
Get the ground rules and re-establish balance...
Can you dig what I'm sayin'?!

In this pagan paean
I reclaim my old religion
Because all this talking, and all this griping
All this intellectualizing, and all this faith-finding,
Only goes so far, where the God lacks his Goddess.

In this pagan paean
I reclaim my old religion
Because in the end, what he really needs is to rest at her soft breast
And the only world he wants to travel is hers
To bask in the warmth of her radiant face and heavenly eyes,
Explore and wallow in the beauty of her stark nakedness,
And find himself wonderfully lost in her mystery...forever.

Dear Santa,

I'm writing you earlier than last year because I have some pretty big requests on my wish list, and it may take you awhile to fill this tall order...that is, if I've made the mark on your list of naughty and nice.

First of all, I'd like you to help out Dad, because he seems disturbed...he thinks human beings, well, the whole world really, is in trouble. Now I don't know about all that, so I'll just share with you this letter he recently wrote...and though I don't know who he intended the letter for, maybe nobody in particular because it's not addressed to anyone...I imagine, with you being Santa and all, that he won't mind if I share it with you.

Here it is...

So there you have it Santa. I'm just a kid and not sure what to make of it, but it sounds pretty serious. Maybe Dad needs a new job and, judging by that last part, a wife. Maybe you can help him out.

Thank you so much Santa.
I Love You,

P.S.  Oh yeah, if it's not asking too much, could you bring me a book with a really good bedtime story.

Dear Sonny,

Thanks for your letter. I know a lot of people feel the same way as your dad, though they don't always express it, especially the way he does. But I wish they would, because then I'd know what to get them.

As far as your father, I'm filling his order as you read this letter. I can't tell you exactly what I'm getting him because that would ruin the surprise (ok, here's a hint...he's getting a new teaching job with a 24 hour work week).

Also, my little elf Sonny, I need you to do me a favor, and give him the envelope contained in this letter. All I can tell you is that it contains a message meant for one person in particular...one special woman your Dads been dreaming about.

Finally, because you've been just the right mix of naughty and nice, I'm giving you just what you asked for...a special book of bedtime stories. Here's one of the stories to get you through til Christmas. Listen to it very carefully, because even though it's a very short story, it spans 300 million years of history. The story is about the evolution of life and the journey of your spirit, how everything is interconnected and interdependent and how SHARING makes it all possible. It doesn't have pictures yet so you'll have to use your "I" of imagination.

The Roll of the Bones.

A long long time ago,
As a clown fish in the sea,
I had a friend who would play with me.
And as I swam about in her coral castle home,
She would say to me,
Someday this coral home will be your skeleton bones.

Many many years ago,
As a monkey in the jungle canopy,
I had a friend who would play with me.
And as I swung about in his green-wooded home,
He would say to me,
Someday my strong skeleton bones,
Will be your log cabin homes.

A few years ago,
As a child in a tree,
I had a friend who would play with me.
And as I climbed about his sturdy pine branches,
He would say to me,
One of these days, in this forest kingdom home,
You will build a nest of old skeleton bones.

Just the other day,
As a dancer in the breeze,
I heard an old friend, call on the wind,
And she said,
One of these days, please come soar with me,
And we’ll build a new home, with your skeleton bones.

At sunrise today,
Standing strong as a pine,
I called back to my friend to join me again,
And I said,
I've got a home for us now, and a garden too,
Please roll your bones over, it's waiting for you.

There you go Sonny, I hope you like this story. Feel free to share it with your friends.

Have a great one!
I Love you,

P.S.  Don't worry about your Dad, he's just letting off some steam. He's alright.