August 18, 2009
So Yampa says to me as I listen carefully...and though I write it down best I can, I don't always understand...but I'm inclined to pay close attention, if for no other reason than another perspective. seems the best option...makes the most sense...for souls in the process of learning and exploring...making our way best we can in a world we can't always understand.

Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but wishes do come true.

Furthermore, I would argue...reincarnation, or having multiple lives if you will, is a necessary mechanism for learning and growth, providing not only advancement for good behavior and further chances after inevitable failures, but also accountability for irresponsibilty and misdeeds.

This is no new thinking, but rather a borrowing from the East, where reincarnation has been fundamental knowledge for thousands of years. It's good common sense, as in the relationship of parent to child, the teaching of creator to creation.

Reincarnation provides the mechanism for working-out one's karma, according the soul with dharma, aligning one's path with Divine Truth...reconciling the past, determining the present and directing the future...

So Yampa says to me, when we commune. And I see how other perspectives are good. For, however upsetting they may be---especially those in greatest opposition to beliefs we hold most firmly---understanding other perspectives is not only beneficial but necessary for the continuance of life and evolution, for perspectives of difference can reveal the validity of our own holdings and their merit for our survival, thereby we may better judge those beliefs which serve us, those beliefs we should hold on to...and those we are better to discard.

Each day we are alive, we take a step closer to death. Fear the destination no more than the steps taken there, for you may know with absolute certainly, that reaching one destination is only the beginning of a new journey.

So I hear and listen, and pay really close attention, when Yampa and I commune.
Into the Land of Dreamers
Many things, in many ways, can kill a man...
Yet care less about how you die and more about how you live...

For just as the former results from the latter...the effect of one is the cause of another.