June 1, 2009
Into the Land of Dreamers
I could see how such a journey backwards, against the current,
Would provide some temporary comfort,
As I might find my peace in the eddies of good memories,
Their soothing touch softly swirling about me.

But the buoyancy of memory would only be temporary,
And I would eventually find myself back in the hands of my previous captor,
Again, a bitter and reluctant servant to the Tyrant of tyrants.
Again, a victim tossed back and forth in the Sea of Delusion.

Clearly, this backwards journey would only lead to another dead-end,
And one much worse than the end my present direction had found.
So perhaps I would just stay put and look around,
As going nowhere, contrary to popular motion, is often the best option.

So this I did for quite some time, moving little to not at all, 
As I pondered the past and dreamt the future,
As I considered my journey and what I had learned,
As I stumbled and bumbled my way beyond, a triumph in itself.

But I knew this present dead-end could not be my final destination,
For there was another road that shot-off in the opposite direction,
And something beyond its long mysterious stretch called to me,
Something I could vaguely see in my wildest dreams.

But there was an obstacle that stood between me and this other road,
Some sort of block that prevented me from taking this path.
For each time I tried to move onward, I couldn’t.
I was, despite all I had learned, quite simply, STUCK!

Love, peace, wisdom and strength, truth and harmony
These were all a part of my vocabulary,
As I sought and had them well and good enough I felt.
And so too I had dabbled in sympathy
Although, somehow, it less and less suited me.

But these noble ways were no longer enough to serve me.
I was like a baby not yet on his feet,
Stuck in this dead-end quandary,
And all my crawling would not help, where now I had to walk…

But how? How does a baby take its first steps?
A helping hand from parents,
Proper encouragement and support,
Lots of patience…trial and error…falls and missteps…
And a something within, a drive that says, I can do this…

Something within…
I had the desire and willpower…the strength and smarts…
But I was still missing something within…
And I needed it to take my first step. What was it?

I can’t recall how it first appeared to me,
This flash of inspiration happened quite suddenly,
Like an angel out of the blue, this voice said crystal clear,

Into your heart, take all you hold dear,
And see what you are missing here, is COMPASSION!
For this new road you now see before you is the Path of the Heart
Whereupon the start of all action is powered by COMPASSION!
Whereupon the start of all action is powered by COMPASSION!

Love and Faith, Love and Faith
These two great powers have carried me throughout my journey.
And to be sure, as my stories following Part IV here tell,
They have carried me far.

But this road I had been on for so very long
Had come to a dead-end,
Or a “T” to put it more accurately.
And these three options now lay before me.

One way would take me back to my past,
Yes with all its joys, that is true,
But with its all heartbreaks too.
What to do?

Voyage of the Ancient Mariner, Part V