Into the Land of Dreamers
June 30, 2009
The entire universe strives to fulfill a desire born of compassion.

Sri Nisargadetta Maharaj
There on the horizon, I see Redemption and Wisdom,
Along with Truth, Strength and Beauty stretching here to there.
Such is this Path of the Heart,
Where legs in that direction are given by Compassion.
Sounds simple enough, the word is tossed about here and there,
And practiced about as well, if at all.
But this half-ass compassion, has hardly been the discipline,
That for me it needs to be.

A common misunderstanding,
Compassion demands perfection, always kind and loving.
But I think foremost, above all, compassion recognizes we are all human,
With all our emotions and expressions, needs and desires, mistakes and follies...

Perfectly imperfect, we are in the process of evolving,
These noble animals, these striving spirits,
Learning and growing, forgiving and remembering,
Where we want to go, and where we don't ever want to go again.


Into the Canyon Country of the Colorado Plateau...

Where Aquarius' gentle liquid scalpel exposes our Mother's inner flesh,
Thousands of feet down through the ages,
It took about a dozen million years to carve this slice through history,
A further span of hundreds of millions it now lays bare.

Right before my eyes, there she is in all her glory.
Not here for mere scientific study,
I come to feel her old soily skin next to mine, so beautifully dirty,
To penetrate these sacred depths, not just mentally, but emotionally as well.

To connect and reconnect with her, in this existance here,
Together throughout the ages of time and space,
We are bound together...with love...with grace...with compassion.


Into the Land of Dreamers...Stepping into the Aquarian Age...

A new day is dawning, a new language learning,
Modern understanding of Ancient Wisdom,
Energy, flow, harmony, frequency, synchronicity,
The Spirit behind the Matter, the Father behind the Mother,
Healing ghosts and sacred spirits, the metaphysics of a new existance...

Chakras, fields of energy, intimately, infinitely, interconnected,
In relationship, dancing the flow of fluid...
A New Age dawning...longing...yearning...screaming...
Love and Compassion!

Sacred herb, Sativa, the honey-sweet aroma of Evening Primrose, Beautifully...

Mind-opening, heart-opening...Yampa, Big Medicine!
Mind-expanding, heart-expanding...Yampa, Big Medicine!
Heavenly...Mind clear, Heart full...Yampa, Big Medicine!

Naked in the middle of nowhere,
Unashamed, just as my Creator made me, proud,
Earthly, barefooted dancing, celebrating,
Grounding, care-free, loving, communion, ecstasy!

Irreverent joy, honoring it all, each and every moment,
Sacred spirit all around, ever-flowing, in and out, whether seen or not,
Always cycling and recycling, at light-speed to ultra-slow motion,
Pay close attention, there's life so wonderful in the barely perceptible.

Music heard, revelations in these songs from the stars,
Answering A Question of Balance, whose final message...
Where you feel hurt and anger and fear, there lacks understanding...
That's the call of Compassion...and the answer of Love.