Just over two months ago, when I started building this website, I had little idea what I would be getting into and what I would do. I'd never attempted such a task before...nor did I fully realize the vast potential and thrill this medium would offer me. But it didn't take long to see what a tremendous vehicle for expression this "web busyness" can be...it's limitless really!

To give credit where it's first due...thanks to the folks at Homestead SiteBuilder, whose Intuit software makes building such sites rather easy, even for neophytes such as myself. (And no, I didn't get paid to say that...though I certainly wouldn't turn down any cash or other recompense for said endorsement.)

I also want to extend a big "Salute!" to the gents of the Manitou Natural History Society. Your company---our common interests and pursuits...our love of Nature, wild and pristine, and our shared experiences there...our conversations...heady and playful---makes me a rich man. And thanks to the gents' younger gents and my son Dominic for extending this gathering another generation. And Hawk Circling...sharing lofty views with you on our many flights together over the years makes soaring all the more wonderful.

Finally, to my family and friends, my loved ones, without whom I would not be standing here today. However well we've gotten along and related to each other in this lifetime, I am grateful for all you've offered and allowed. I realize it's a challenge to know and understand and so love one who lives in the clouds. Please hear me nonetheless.
  Dino Frangiamore

A few words before we jump down this rabbit hole of mine...a little prep on what to expect...

What I'm trying to accomplish here is foremost reflected on the cover page, whose image immediately says, "This is a book or magazine of sorts." Further, it is obviously not a hard copy, but a virtual one. I view this project as a virtual book or magazine. As such it provides capabilities and dimensions for expression that no hard copy could ever allow, economically or physically.

The rest of what you can expect about this project is found in the cover's key words:

Virtually...as just explained above
Initial Synthesis...my first effort at bringing "it all" together
Process...it's an ongoing activity
Discovery and Creation...it is an activity involving both "finding and inventing"
Exploration...I have a fairly good idea where I'm going but not exactly
Enlightenment...in the sense of shedding more light on the heretofore unknown
Liberation...freedom in the best ethical and ideal sense of the term
Self and Civilization...the individual as well as the whole
Exercise...as in training...a preparation and practice...a meditation
Expression...letting it all out, whatever it is, in the most natural and healthful
   manner possible                         

As far as organization within, I think there are challenges here, but that's part of it. This is not always a straightforward and linear process. It's not as easy as reading page after sequential page 1 through 60...or following a single story from beginning to end without interruption. There's a lot of jumping here, back and forth and up and down...part of the mental exercise I suppose. So in that way I don't intend to make it any easier on the reader.

I've arranged this work such that you can follow it page by page, and often your best option for navigation will be the backward and forward buttons on your browser. However, I have included a set of subdirectories and hubs to help access these, as well as visualize the overall organization, direction and plan...where these exist anyway. Otherwise, as much as I wish you clarity on this journey, I hope you once in a while also get lost...for that too is part of the process.

I'll let the rest speak for itself. Welcome and thanks for coming along...I'm glad you're here. Just click on the heading below to continue.
February 14, 2009
Manitou Springs, Colorado
(aka Dean Frankmore)