In just a moment, we're going to take a quick tour around, and in the process I'll introduce myself and how I came to be here. But first, how about you?

Who are you?

Where do you come from?

Why are you here?

Of course I'm sure you have some very straightforward answers by which you could tell me your name, the town you are from and how you happened upon this site. But here in The Den, the questions run deeper... and so too do their answers. So again, some questions from The Den...
Who am I?
Is this the mind's first question upon awakening?
Where am I?
Or could it be...
Once the mind distinguishes a separation between self and environment, between I and Other, what further questions does it start asking?
Do we create answers to these questions?
...or do discover them...perhaps even remember them?
What about the reverse...what happens when the mind no longer recognizes a separation between self and environment?
The Den
That stuff is pretty heavy...and I wouldn't expect many to have answers at the ready. But they're good questions to think about in this place.

Now a look at me...a sort of peek into how I see things...where I'm going...where I've been...and what I've done. After this little tour around "my world", we'll come back here and, if you wish, start again. Please click Where Raven Soars to continue...
Into The Den...Taking the First Steps
Who am I?   and   Who are you? 
Hello...and welcome to The Den. I consider this place my classroom of in which I am both student and teacher, artist and explorer.