The Den
We can at least say this...
What do we find "inside" after we peel away the influences of society and culture, teachings and conditionings of educational institutions and religions, beliefs carried-on by tradition and patterns of behavior inherited from friends, family and parents...what's underneath all this?
society and culture
religion & other institutionalized traditions
extended family
parents, siblings &
other close influences
likewise...What's Outside of all this?
At the most basic level, we don't have to get too metaphysical or hypothetical to say, with the utmost confidence, that both inside and outside there exists ENERGY.

We also know with certainty, that all this energy is not random, chaotic and unorganized...rather, we see that a significant part of the ENERGY is somehow ordered and patterned and follows certain rules of behavior, exchange and interaction...again, this is the stuff of basic, well-established physics.

Now, based on these established facts, a couple of simple propositions to consider as I further explore this  model...
1. There must be, as a basic condition for existance, a flow of energy between the "inside" and the "outside"...that is, between self and environment or between part and whole...
2. The influencing layers, as discussed above, may act as intermediators, facilitators and filters, catalysts and barriers to this flow of energy between self and environment...

3. The degree of harmony, or healthy dynamic, between self and environment depends on the integrity of the influencing layers...

Questions to consider:

1. What constitutes harmony...or define healthy interaction...between self and environment?

2. What do you suppose establishes and maintains the integrity of the influencing layers?

3. Given that much of the energy we see is ordered, organized and shaped into various patterns and forms..."what" do you suppose it is that does the organizing?

Bonus Questions

How do you feel after cleaning the house? How does the harmony of your living space compare with the harmony of your mind?

If you think this organization of energy is a product of random does your answer reconcile with the Second Law of Thermodynamics and its observations concerning energy and entropy?

Some scientists currently propose that systems can be self-organizing. Describe the premise behind their thinking/theories?

Do you clean your own home or does someone else do it for you?

What's Inside and Outside The Den