It’s the fleeting feeling of a temporal vision…
Is it the past or the future I see…
These brief images that come to me?
In the Rearview
The Shaman's Journey

This is the story of a young man,
A man confused and frustrated
With all the nonsense he found
In the world around him.

And he always wondered
What part he had to play
In this nonsensical game,
A game he was not so sure he wanted to play.

But he loved to play!
So in the wilds of his dreams
In the forests and fields that still remained
He played a wonderful game, a beautiful game
Filled with friends, laughter and adventure…

And in the deepest part of his heart
He knew, that someday,
These dreams would come true.

But this beast kept getting in his way
Rearing fierce and treacherous heads
Heads that would say from one mouth
“You are more worthy than others”
And then from another mouth say,
“You are not worthy at all.”

Yes this is the story of a Man and a Dream
A Man who loved the Dream,
For it was a beautiful and wonderful Dream.
And he loved it so much, he knew,
Someday the Dream would come true.

But again and again this Beast would rear it's ugly heads,
And say to the Man,
“Dreams don’t come true…and even if they do,
How dare you think, they would for you!”

This went on for years and years…
And the Man grew tired of this Beast
That stood between him and his dream
Until finally he said, “Its time to face this thing!”

So he beat his drum with his tribal brothers,
And he played his flute with his wise old elders…

Then in the thirteenth stage of the Coming Age,
The Man stood on his sacred ground
And he waved his arms around and around and around
Until they gleamed as raven wings…

Then he stared square into the eyes of the Beast
Saw right through its monstrous head
Straight into its monstrous brain
Filled with deceit,
It had become cancerous in its own arrogance…

Then in the middle of the monstrous brain
He saw the source of the sickness and pain
Contained in a tumorous divisive device.

Now the Man saw that this divisive device
Served an important purpose in its proper place,
But the device had grown beyond its allotted space
To divide and divide and divide...

Dividing One from One’s Maker
Mother and Father,
Earth and Sun from Children,
Sense from reason...

And the device divided on and on...

One group from another,
The savage from the civilized,
Nation from nation
Brother from brother
Lover from lover...

Until finally the device divided itself
Mind from Heart
Body from Soul
Part from Whole

In a nutshell,
The divisive device had overgrown its role
From childhood friend of playmate illusion
To malicious administer of conflicting delusion.

Now after studying this divisive device
Overgrown in the mind for quite some time
The man went back to the very start
Where it all began, in the beastly heart.

And there he dared look at its very center
Into the breath of its rhythmic power.
And what he saw made him tremble and fall.

For it was Love, pure and perfect…
Doing all it could do,
Working in a blind fury
To feed the voracious need
Created by the beast’s dividing device.

And the man saw
This was the Heart of Everything,
Including you and me,
The man and his dreams.

The man felt great sorrow and confusion,
So he sat in silence with this Heart,
For 10 years or more by some accounts.

Then it came to him a thought,
Something it seemed the Heart itself had taught.
So he stood once again on his sacred ground
And waved his arms around and around and around…

Yes around the Heart he waved his arms in a circle
To mark a New Cycle,
Which he punctuated five times
With Peace, Hope, Wisdom, Strength and Beauty
Then once more and again
With Truth and Harmony he bound them

Then he withdrew back to the sickly brain,
Put his hand on the divisive devise
That caused all the pain
And he chanted this ancient Promethean Promise…

A great gift of Free Will you have
But the Mind that forgets the Heart
Loses the integrity of its parts.
As sickly cycles come to pass,
Do well now and renew the vow.

Then with great force
The man pulled out of the body of the Beast
Looked it squarely in eyes
And met it face to face…

A hideous thing he saw
The face of this beast
Was his worst nightmare
The demon of all history.

Tyrants and dictators, murderers and rapists throughout the ages,
Ferocious and treacherous,
They showed themselves one by one to him,
Each mask removed, revealed another enemy.

Then, as all these hideous faces slowly passed,
The man was suddenly caught off guard
As the faces began to look more familiar.
Faces of people close to him, people he loved...

He saw his father,
He saw his friend,
And he saw many others
Sister, mother and lover
Faces of those he loved the most,
Even his most sacred son
Appeared on the beast
Until finally there were none
Save one…

By now the man could barely stand what he saw
But he had no choice but to look at this
For the face of the beast had finally become his…

Still, he was sick with it and wanted it gone...
Out of his way for good...
So, not knowing what to do, he did the best he could,
Looking it into the eyes of the beast, most directly,
He said to it, quite simply and sternly,

No more bullshit!

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