In the Rearview

The Cat in The Box...Part 1

There’s a place in my head,
Like Schrodinger said,
Holds a box with cat,
Alive or dead?

Now I cannot say,
The state of his being,
‘Til I look inside
To check-out his thing.

Why, for that matter,
Until I look inside,
Does a he or she,
In there reside?

In fact, if I don’t open that box
And look inside,
Can I say it’s a cat?
Do I even know that?

For it might be a dog,
That in there dwell…
Or something with wings,
On what I can’t tell…

A bird or an angel
Fluttering in there…
Why, in that box,
Is there even air?

Why is this a problem,
Of which I should care?

O’ Pandora did dare,
To open that box…
So she might tell,
What in there dwell…

And out from that box,
There flew a dark demon…
Or maybe a bright genie…

Who can tell what’s in that box?
Pandora still wondered,
As she twirled her locks…

For as soon as I looked in,
It disappeared again,
This flirt perverse,
Like a Jack-in-the-box in reverse.

O’ shrieked Pandora,
As Schrodinger sat,
What cruel or playful Crafter,
Makes this box with cat?!

For what paradox is this box,
Which holds everything I call...
Including nothing at all.

This great hall I enter,
Where all great minds gather…
I am here to receive,
As well as deliver…