In the Rearview
Wild, Wild West...The Guardian of the Gates
Why you here boy?
This is no trendy L.A. Hollywood scene
Or SoHo New York City Slickin’ Dream.

This is the Wild Wild West, Greenhorn
Home of savage Indians and crazy cowboys
Rugged mountain men and intrepid pioneers.

What you see here, dude
Is the heart of the untamed frontier!

And no force in heaven or hell,
No well-meaning missionary or scheming politician,
No shiny trinket or clever machine
Can harness this savage spring.

Listen up whipper-snapper,
Here the slippery Spirit flows clean and pure
Straight from the Source
Unbridled spontaneous creation!

Go ahead and have a drink
And see what you think.
But first, one word of cautionary advice…

If come here to avoid some Armageddon
Consider this in the digging of your bombshelters and bunkhouses
And the planning of your holy fortresses…

No wall is strong enough,
Nor any fence high enough,
To contain the Spirit of this Frontier!

If you seek refuge here
In this Wild Wild West, newcomer,
Remember this…

Sanctuary in this rugged territory
Is best built from the inside out.

For no missile of pinpoint trajectory
Or clever military strategy…
Can protect you from yourself!
I say, how you gonna save you, from yourself?!

It’s the fleeting feeling of a temporal vision…
Is it the past or the future I see…
These brief images that come to me?
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