In the Rearview
See a Circle...Part III

To high above a cosmic view
I see She lives
With her husband Sun and daughter Moon,
A great sparkling blue gemstone
With floral green skin
Whorled in opal white wind…

And there I find my bed,
In the peace of her valley
What need have I for answers…

And there I rest my head,
In the wonder of her splendor
What need have I for god…

And there I see my soul,
In the light of her rainbow smiling sky
What other need have I…

Thus the noble savage closes his eyes
As a holy man in bliss
To see a circle…
That fashions his heart from Her flesh,
And there in the center
Is where his life resides,
Eternal in Love’s ethereal rhythm.

It is something this crazy fool is accustomed to…
When he lay flat on his face
He kisses this rich and fragrant Earth
To see the heaven it is worth.

And so a son rises
From a night of love and dreams
Singing praise to his Mother Earth
For all the glorious life she brings!
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