In the Rearview
On TOEs and GUTs and…

Humans, perhaps especially scientists, can be great thinkers. We are notorious separators, sorters, classifiers, categorizers and name-givers. We are also good at creating models of reality in the form of equations and theories, schemas and formulas, balls and sticks, etc and etc.

While these models can be useful in helping us to better understand our world, they can just as easily mislead the mind…because once it comfortably sinks-in, we almost automatically start mistaking the model for reality. In this way symbols and stories can be made more real than life itself (often to our great misfortune). Consequently, great minds will go to great lengths to preserve the reality of their models…even despite all real, right-before-your-eyes, evidence to the contrary.

At the most extreme end of mental ability---or perhaps hopefulness---great minds have proposed some great ideas about how the entire universe works. These great ideas have been given equally great names such as TOEs…Theories of Everything…and GUTs…Grand Unified Theories.

In this spirit I have created my own grand theory, complete with grand name. I call this theory TWITs…Theories of What I Think.

The main thrust of this theory is that everyone has their own ideas about how their world works. In other words, we each have our own TWITS. Now the proof of this theory lies in the fact that each of us lives largely in our own mind, which is by itself, a totally unique and personal universe. Therefore, no one else can define another person’s unique universe.

The practical application of this theory leads to the virtues of tolerance and acceptance…since one cannot disprove the TWIT of another without actually entering the other’s mind…and who wants to risk that if they don’t have to?!

So, in conclusion of my theory, as long as theirs doesn’t interfere with ours, we should be more tolerant and accepting of all the TWITS out there.
This great hall I enter,
Where all great minds gather…
I am here to receive,
As well as deliver…